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Translating eDiscovery to Teens = iPhone Forensics
Greg Buckles
A teacher friend asked me to give a presentation on forensic science to her high school class. I agreed thinking I had so many eDiscovery 101 decks in my files that it would be easy to pull something fun together in an hour. My presentations for sales… [more]
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eDJ Research Reports
2015 PC-TAR Adoption Survey
Seven question focus survey on the adoption and usage of analytics and PC-TAR. Raw survey results with 41 validated respondents. See 2015 PC-TAR Focus Report for eDJ perspective, interpretation of raw results and extensive consumer interviews. [more]
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2017 Cloud eDiscovery Survey
Where do you process and review ESI? This survey seeks to understand where your company, agency or the majority of your… [more]
2017 eDJ Mobile Discovery Survey
2017 eDJ Mobile Discovery Survey -  This eDJ Group survey has five quick questions to measure the impact of iPhones,… [more]
eDJ Events Calendar
Legal Tech New York 2018
01 - 30 - 2018
Greg will be at LTNY for Wed-Thursday this year. Starting to book briefings and meetings, so contact him at to reserve time. [more]
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