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eDJ Blog
Are You Still Paying Hosting Charges?
Greg Buckles
Amazon and Microsoft cloud storage and servers have driven the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for online data storage down into the 10-15ยข/GB/month range depending on whether you need a dedicated, encrypted appliance or other special security for your… [more]
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eDJ Research Reports
2014 Analytics Adoption Survey - Provider Results
Seven question survey of eDiscovery providers examining adoption trends of eDiscovery and IG analytics. See aggregate results and eDJ Group analysis in final research report. [more]
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2014 Analytics Adoption Survey - Consumer Results
2014 Analytics Adoption Report
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2014 eDiscovery Provider Hosting Market
Providers Only Please! Hosting fees have been a staple of the eDiscovery provider revenue for over a decade. Are your… [more]
2014 eDiscovery Consumer Hosting Costs
Consumers Only Please! Are you still paying monthly hosting fees for your review collections? All of the anti-trust concerns… [more]
2014 Evidence vs. Collection Survey
The goal of this short 5 question survey is understand the source and volume of paper or electronic documents that are… [more]
eDJ Events Calendar
2014 eDJ Events - Time Out
12 - 31 - 2014
As 2014 has been a year of transformation, Mikki and Greg are focusing on their active engagements and only attending events as paid speakers or to support active client RFP initiatives. We will resume the event circus next year! [more]
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01 - 15 - 2015 - Tulsa ARMA: BYOD - How to Handle Preservation and Collection
02 - 03 - 2015 - Legal Tech New York
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Services by AccesData Group
AD eDiscovery
AD eDiscovery is an on-premise software platform that supports the following phases… [more]
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Fusion Zeta Data Management
Cloud Preservation