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eDJ Blog
Upstream eDiscovery = Info Governance
Greg Buckles
The corporate perspective on eDiscovery has slowly matured from ad hoc reaction into the desire to proactively manage discovery costs through proactive business processes. This evolution to a mature Information Governance lifecycle has been at the heart… [more]
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eDJ Solution Perspective - Acaveo Smart Information Server
Acaveo Smart Information Server - eDJ Group Solution Perspective. Walk in the shoes of corporate legal team as they react to a new matter using Acaveo's SIS platform to scope the legal holds and perform preservation collections on key live data sources… [more]
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2014 eDJ Site Roadmap Poll
What do you want and value from the eDJ Group site? The eDJ Group has transformed itself into a research consulting team in 2014. We are seeking your… [more]
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Validated Consumers Only - 2014 Mobile Discovery Survey
This eDJ Group survey has five quick questions to measure the impact of iPhones, BlackBerry… [more]
eDJ Events Calendar
Asian eDiscovery Legal Big Data Symposium - Hong Kong
04 - 30 - 2014
The Legal Big Data Symposium is a part of the initiative of Asia eDiscovery exchange. As the legal landscape evolves, companies in asia are increasingly taking preventive measure to mitigate legal risk, implementing legal hold management, outsourcing… [more]
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Date: 2014-04-16
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