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Topic: Preserve-In Place Date: 2013-11-14 15:41:46 Premium Members Only

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Topic: Method-Cloud/Hosted/SaaS Date: 2013-10-19 23:23:17 Premium Members Only

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Topic: DESCRIPTION Date: 2013-09-25 14:59:14

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Delivery Method:

  • Method-Software/Inhouse
  • Method-Cloud/Hosted/SaaS


  • Market-Corporate Enterprise
  • Market-Law Firm
  • Market-Government
  • Market-Provider
  • Market-Small Mid Sized Business


  • System-Chain of Custody
  • System-Audit Log
  • Report-Customizable
  • System-Security Roles
  • System-Administration-Remote
  • System-Scheduled Tasks
  • System-Alerts
  • System-Customizable GUI
  • Architecture-Server-Enterprise Client
  • Architecture-Server-Enterprise Web
  • Architecture-Server-Saas Hosted
  • Architecture-Cloud
  • Architecture-64-bit Compatible
  • Architecture-API-Open
  • Architecture-Windows Server
  • Architecture-GUI-Web
  • System-GUI-Multilingual
  • System-Integration-Enterprise Systems
  • System-Questionnaire
  • System-Track-Activity
  • System-Templates
  • Architecture-Cloud-Public

General Coverage:

  • General-Preservation Holds


  • Management-Incident Response
  • Management-Project Workflow
  • Management-Policy - Privacy
  • Management-Decision Tracking
  • Management-Interviews
  • Management-Identification
  • Management-Destruction
  • Management-Policy
  • Management-Policy-International

Information Governance:

  • Management - Policy - Retention


  • Service-Training-Technology
  • Service-Support-Technology
  • Service-Support-Technology-24/7


  • Identify-User Map
  • Report-Forecasting Metrics


  • Preserve-Legal Hold Notices
  • Preserve-In Place
  • Preserve-Legal Hold Notifications - Iterative
  • Preserve-Legal Hold Notices-Aggregate Reminders


  • Identify-Stealth Investigation

Purchase Method:

  • Enterprise License ($ per seat)
  • Subscription ($ per Year)
  • Appliance ($ per Appliance)


Topic: Preserve-In Place Date: 2013-11-14 15:41:46

The in-place preservation add-on can meet the requirement that many customers have to manage high-volume, user-generated content where it lives versus having to collect it continually in response to litigation. It provides centralized visibility of preservation actions, including legal hold notices, in-place preservation holds, and collections across structured and unstructured data. Currently, the product only supports Exchange 2013, Office 365, Sharepoint 2013, and Informatica Data archive, but that is likely enough to satisfy the demand of many customers (although a good amount would likely want the functionality for file systems, too). Exterro builds and maintains the connectors on its own and uses the APIs of the underlying data stores to enable in-place preservation. The company plans to add more data sources as customer requirements dictate. It is possible that some of the vendors for those data stores (specifically archives that have legal hold functionality) will be unwilling to make APIs available for in-place preservation.

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Topic: Method-Cloud/Hosted/SaaS Date: 2013-10-19 23:23:17

eDJ has consistently seen Exterro's cloud based hold offering as a finalist in large enterprise legal hold RFP engagements.

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Topic: DESCRIPTION Date: 2013-09-25 14:59:14

Fusion Legal Hold is an option within Exterro's suite of enterprise products for data mapping, eDiscovery workflow, processing, collection and review. The platform approach implies a higher entry price as cloud competitors bring pricing down. Exterro's lower cost hosted deployment options - including Fusion Legal Hold - are not as well know in the market. Changing the reputation as an expensive option is a ship that is difficult to turn quickly.

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