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Topic: ESI-Content Management-Sharepoint Date: 2013-05-13 14:40:47

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Topic: ESI-Content Management-Sharepoint Date: 2013-02-26 11:39:43 Premium Members Only

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Delivery Method:

  • Method-Software/Inhouse


  • Market-Corporate Enterprise
  • Market-Law Firm
  • Market-Government
  • Market-Single User
  • Market-Provider
  • Market-International
  • Market-Small Mid Sized Business


  • System-Chain of Custody
  • System-Security Roles
  • Architecture-Desktop Software
  • Architecture-Server-Enterprise Client
  • Architecture-64-bit Compatible
  • Architecture-Mobile App Software
  • Architecture-Windows Server
  • Architecture-Servlet Plugin Required

General Coverage:

  • General-Collection Search


  • Analysis-Domain
  • Analysis-Chronological


  • Collection-Enterprise ESI
  • Collection-Remote
  • Collection-Local


  • Search-Indexed
  • Search-Crawl
  • Search-Network Enterprise
  • Search-Fuzzy Logic
  • Search-Facet Navigation
  • Search-Stemming
  • Search-Saved Queries
  • Search-Proximity
  • Search-Boolean
  • Search-Federated Sources
  • Search-Index-Weighted
  • Search-Wildcard

Purchase Method:

  • Enterprise License ($ per seat)
  • Subscription ($ per Year)
  • Desktop License ($/computer)
  • Published List Pricing
  • Per Site Licensing
  • Online Purchase


  • Process-Inventory
  • Process-Metadata Extraction
  • Process-Text Extraction
  • Process-Load Files
  • Process-Exception Resolution
  • Process-Deduplication-Hash
  • Process-De-NIST Culling
  • Process-Culling-Metadata


  • Produce-Load File-Delimited

ESI Sources:

  • ESI-Communication
  • ESI-Communication-Exchange and PST
  • ESI-Communication-Freemail
  • ESI-Communication-Lotus Domino
  • ESI-Container Files
  • ESI-Mobile Devices
  • ESI-Mobile Devices-iPad
  • ESI-Mobile Devices-iPhone
  • ESI-Office Files
  • ESI-Office Files-2007+ format
  • ESI-Cloud
  • ESI-Cloud-Social Media
  • ESI-Content Management-Sharepoint
  • ESI-Network Storage
  • ESI-Personal Computers
  • ESI-Mobile Devices-Android
  • ESI-Cloud-Communications
  • ESI-Cloud-Content Management


Topic: ESI-Content Management-Sharepoint Date: 2013-05-13 14:40:47

The X1 Search connects to SharePoint via the user rights with a relatively simple form. This merges SharePoint content into search results. The search actually leverages the SharePoint index and search API, which introduces the chance of the user misunderstanding how the search criteria was applied and how the indexing on SharePoint was configured. X1 Search provides more mature search functionality over the default SharePoint 2010 user experience, but the use of federated search systems for discovery collections requires greater technical and procedural expertise.

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Topic: ESI-Content Management-Sharepoint Date: 2013-02-26 11:39:43

Roadmap integration of SharePoint search into X1 Desktop without external connectors in Q2 of 2013.

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