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Topic: DESCRIPTION Date: 2015-03-20 11:54:08 Premium Members Only

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Topic: Process-Load Files Date: 2014-10-28 10:01:53

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Topic: VERSION Date: 2013-01-13 21:33:40

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Delivery Method:

  • Method-Software/Inhouse
  • Method-Cloud/Hosted/SaaS


  • Market-Corporate Enterprise
  • Market-Law Firm
  • Market-Small Mid Sized Business


  • System-Chain of Custody
  • System-Audit Log
  • System-Security Roles
  • System-Alerts
  • System-Customizable GUI
  • Architecture-Cloud
  • Architecture-Mobile App Software
  • Architecture-GUI-Web
  • System-Templates

General Coverage:

  • General-Processing ECA
  • General-Review
  • General-Production


  • Management-Usage Cost
  • Management-Billing
  • Management-Quality Control

Information Governance:

  • IG-Archiving


  • Analysis-Domain


  • Preserve-Legal Hold Notices


  • Search-Indexed
  • Search-Fuzzy Logic
  • Search-Foreign Language
  • Search-Regular Expression
  • Search-Facet Navigation
  • Search-Synonym Expansion
  • Search-Stemming
  • Search-Saved Queries
  • Search-Proximity
  • Search-Boolean

Purchase Method:

  • Subscription ($ per Year)
  • Volume Pricing ($ per GB)
  • Matter Pricing - $/Matter
  • Published List Pricing
  • Online Purchase


  • Process-Inventory
  • Process-Decryption
  • Process-Non-text File Detection
  • Process-Metadata Extraction
  • Process-File Type Identification
  • Process-TIFF Image Conversion
  • Process-Text Extraction
  • Process-OCR
  • Process-Load Files
  • Process-Exception Resolution
  • Process-Deduplication-Hash
  • Process-De-NIST Culling
  • Process-Culling-Metadata
  • Process-Cull-Rules
  • Process-Deduplication-Email Thread
  • Process-Foreign Language Identification
  • Process-OCR-Handwriting
  • Process-Hidden Text Detection


  • Review-Images
  • Review-Native ESI
  • Review-Redact Images
  • Review-Remote
  • Review-Tiff on the Fly


  • Produce-Image-Numbered
  • Produce-Native ESI
  • Produce-Multiple Party
  • Produce-Repopulate Duplicates
  • Produce-Load File-Delimited

ESI Sources:

  • ESI-Backup-Tapes
  • ESI-Communication-Bloomberg
  • ESI-Communication-Exchange and PST
  • ESI-Communication-Instant Messages
  • ESI-Communication-Lotus Domino
  • ESI-Container Files
  • ESI-Forensic Images
  • ESI-Graphics
  • ESI-Graphics-CAD
  • ESI-Graphics-PDF
  • ESI-Graphics-TIFF
  • ESI-Hard Drives
  • ESI-Mobile Devices-Blackberry
  • ESI-Office Files
  • ESI-Office Files-2007+ format
  • ESI-Optical Media
  • ESI-Source Code
  • ESI-Cloud
  • ESI-Network Storage
  • ESI-Personal Computers
  • ESI-Personal Computers-Apple Mac


Topic: DESCRIPTION Date: 2015-03-20 11:54:08

It has been almost a year since Andy Wilson, Logikcull’s CEO/Founder. I have to confess that we spent more time talking about the evolving eDiscovery market than digging into the SaaS platforms new features. Andy’s team has done a pretty good job of keeping their eDJ Matrix profile up to date, so I guess that the real news is how their public pricing subscription model has taken off. Sometimes the consumption model is a more important differentiator than the latest, greatest machine learning black box. Here are my briefing bullet points: Goal for SMB to use the same product as large enterprise – leveling the eDiscovery playing field Subscription model working well. Entry point is $1,500/month for 4 cases with 50 GB max/case, $30/GB for additional data Based pricing on averaged data size for over 2,000 typical SMB cases You can’t just be a vendor in the cloud. SMB market needs a true hands-off subscription service Solved the volume intake/upload process for non-technical customers QC – Culling Intelligence Engine – post processing/indexing inventory and exception report Firms still dominate customer base, but growing enterprise customers (~30% today) Strong value recognition from small corporate legal teams for centralized discovery management Complementary onboarding session Dedicated customer success team, hiring more Automated parallel streaming and processing infrastructure to conquer bandwidth and volume Redup algorithm – dynamic vertical/horizontal deduplication/expansion of collections Focus on reducing the friction slowing the sharing of information between parties Roadmap – Direct cloud transfer without load files Dropbox, Office 365, Slack in development “We don’t want you multi-TB cases. Take those to the expensive platforms” The last little quote tells the story. Logikcull is yet another small SaaS player focused on the 90% of matters that the rest of the industry views as ‘loss leaders’. 2015 seems to be the year that kCura consolidates its hold on the traditional, large corporate defense cases while a new generation of innovative start-ups tackles the hidden part of the eDiscovery iceberg. A good example of this is how Zapproved’s Legal Hold Pro used the SMB customers to steal market share from Exterro and IBM’s Atlas.

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Topic: Process-Load Files Date: 2014-10-28 10:01:53

Logikcull's drag-and-drop loading process removes technical hurdles and is aimed directly at eliminating the need for dedicated technical support personnel. This makes sense when you consider that their fixed fee subscription pricing and cloud Saas model appeals primarily to private companies and smaller law firms.

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Topic: VERSION Date: 2013-01-13 21:33:40

Currently in beta and no real information available from website.

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